Beauty-Antiaging Nutrition Consultancy

The skin is the primary barrier that protects the body against external aggressions. Skin aging is a complex biological process affected by internal and external factors. The results of scientific studies, which indicate the importance of shaping our lives with the right choices in order to live a healthy life, are increasing day by day. It is extremely important to protect and take care of the health of our skin, which is the largest organ in our body. With the rapid breakthrough of medicine in prolonging human life and the rapid deterioration of environmental conditions, it has become urgent to find safe and effective methods to treat skin aging. Skin aging is a complex and long biological process affected by genetic and environmental factors. Oral supplements alone are not enough to improve the skin. The combination of oral and external skin penetration should be the safest and most effective way to cure skin aging. Knowing our genetic features that determine the structure of our skin and the structure of our genes involved in our detoxification mechanism is of primary importance in terms of protecting and improving our skin health. Although we cannot change our genetic structure, we can manage our sensitivities and environmental factors by choosing the right ones. The most important environmental factors that we can control in order to protect our skin health are the foods we eat and the creams we apply to our skin. For this reason, the evaluation of individual genetic analyzes and the analysis of the current state of the skin would make an important contribution to the creation of the right composition of nutrients in order to protect and improve the individual skin health. In order to improve skin health by evaluating the genetic characteristics of the individual and skin analysis, we support your skin health with scientific data and solutions in our antiaging nutrition consultancy, in short, with a holistic perspective.


  • Obtaining the client's nutritional and lifestyle anamnesis
  • Performing skin analysis of the client
  • Determination of genetic test panels for the client's skin health
  • Determination of client-specific microbiota analysis
  • Individual skin care recommendations
  • Preparation of "Beauty and Antiaging Nutrition Guide" specific to the individual according to the results of the analysis
  • 1 month follow-up

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