Beauty And Antiaging Nutrition Consultancy Trainings

In addition to genetic factors, environmental factors play an important role in keeping young and beautiful while aging healthy. Our lifestyle and diet are among these factors. In this program, we consider skin health on a cellular basis. You will learn how to provide consultancy by learning the scientific aspects of providing internal and external beauty by establishing the relationship of nutrients with our skin health, creating a healthy nutrition program, establishing the balance of skin health and our inner world. The training will be carried out at 2 levels as Basic and Specialization Training.
Participants who complete the Specialization Training will receive the title of "Beauty and Antiaging Nutrition Coach".
Trainings are held in groups via Zoom. The certificates are issued by the University in a way that can be questioned via e-government and have international validity. You can contact us to get information about our trainings.
BEAUTY AND ANTIAGING NUTRITION COACHING BASIC TRAINING CONTENTS Skin texture and properties at cellular level, skin analysis, skin aging, beauty-food relationship, beauty food pyramid, importance of water in skin aging, macro and micro nutrients for skin health, importance of antioxidants in skin health, ORAC nutrition, the importance of aromatic oils in skin health, the importance of circadian rhythm in skin health, turning your kitchen into a beauty laboratory, menu planning and recipes that beautify the skin are comprised of 9 Theoretical and 1 Applied Total 10 Modules in which theoretical and practical information are given together.
Basic Training consists of 16 hours of theory and 45 hours of practice.
At the end of the training, a Beauty and Antiaging Nutrition Basic Training certificate will be given. BEAUTY AND ANTIAGING NUTRITION COACHING SPECIALIZATION TRAINING Skin health, skin health protective and healing nutrition, antiaging phytochemicals, Nutrigenomics (nutritional epigenetics), functional beauty foods, telomere health, microbiome, skin health breathing practices, nutritives, client file preparation, menu planning and applied Antiaging and Nutrition Coaching, as well as 10 Theoretical and 1 Applied Modules in total, where theoretical and practical information consisting of recipes that beautify the skin is given.

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