Nutrigenetic-Epihenetic Consultancy

The diet consists of food groups that contain macro and micronutrient components that provide the vital needs of our body. There are also bioactive components that play a role in human metabolism in the contents of foods. In addition to the individual effects of nutritional components, the level of interaction between nutrients, that is, the quality of the diet, is also effective on our health. In addition to changing living conditions and dietary habits, the increase in diseases today reveals the importance of preventive medicine protocols. Experimental and clinical studies showing that diseases can be prevented with correct nutritional approaches and living habits are increasing day by day. Data obtained from numerous scientific studies conducted among populations reveal that nutrition also plays an important role, as well as genetic composition, which is the most determining factor in the initial emergence of diseases. The basis of human nutrition is the energy needs that change according to the growth and development stages and the macro and micro nutrients that will allow the necessary biological functions to be realized. While normal biological functions are fulfilled with a balanced nutrition approach, these nutrients are also used in the synthesis of new nutrients.

Nutritional Genomics is divided into two distinct—but collaborative—sister domains. These areas are actually two sides of a coin:
Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

nutrigenomicsNutrigenetic-Epihenetic Consultancy
Both focus on the interaction between nutrition, genes and health outcomes. However, there are important conceptual differences in information, and we can derive information from each of them. Nutrigenetics studies how our genes determine the effects of our food on us. This genetic "structure" is what makes us unique. It includes individual character traits. Nutrigenetics describes which parts of our inherited traits can be changed by what we eat, how we behave, and how we make those changes. We are born with a "genetic fingerprint" that does not change throughout our lives. Changes in these genetic markers, which we originally called SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), refer to changes in one of the four letters (A, G, C, T) of our DNA sequence. If you think what will happen if a change occurs in one of these 4 letters, we can sample from words.
Nutrigenetic example: Consider the difference between FAT and FIT. If we replace A with an I, the meaning of the word changes completely. Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics aim to develop lifestyle and nutrition programs to prevent multifactorial diseases.
The main thing in the human body is to maintain homeostasis, that is, balance. However, ensuring this balance is the best starting point to remember that hormones, emotional fluctuations and social environment are also under the influence of acquired nutritional and living habits, and to know that we can access scientific and conscious support when we need both to lead a healthy life and to be protected from diseases. Nutritional genomics or nutrigenetics is the science that studies and characterizes the genetic differences and variations that make up the different responses individuals give to certain foods and associates these variations with obesity, cardiovascular diseases or other non-communicable diseases. In summary, Nutrigenetics examines how a person's genetic information affects our eating behaviors, weight management, and long-term health.

Nothing in life is to be feared, just to be understood.

Maria Skłodowska-Curie (1867 – 1934)

We design and deliver Nutrigenetics programs specific to you and your needs to help you know and understand your genetic predisposition. We replan your diet according to your genetic profile and accompany your transformation to protect your health.
With our Nutrition Transformation program, we are with you with scientific information to improve your nutritional behaviors and transform your habits.


  • Taking the anamnesis of the client
  • Determination of personal diet and habits
  • Identification of individual genetic testing panels
  • Determination of individual microbiota analysis type
  • Preparation of personal “Nutrition Transformation Guide” according to genetic test results
  • Individual daily nutritional recommendations

***The Nutrition Transformation Guide is prepared together with our consultant physicians and experts.

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