Prof.Dr. Özge Çelik

Prof. Dr. Özge Çelik was born in 1979 in Istanbul. She graduated from the Biology Department of Istanbul University in 2001. She completed her master's degree at Marmara University, Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, and received the title of DOCTOR by completing Doctorate education in Istanbul University, Department of Biology, Radiobiology Department in 2010. Özge Çelik, who carries out scientific studies in the field of biotechnology, established TRDBiotek Biotechnology Ltd. in 2016 and founded by Tübitak 1512 Young Entrepreneur Support Program. Ozge Celik was received the title of PROFESSOR in 2019. She is a lecturer at Istanbul Kultur University, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. She has worked as an executive/researcher in national and international projects and has more than 50 publications in reputable journals in the field of plant biotechnology and pharmaceutical biotechnology. Prof. Dr. Özge Çelik received training from the Nutrigenomics Institute in Spain in 2020. In 2022, she completed the Wellbeing Coaching education given by Wellbeing Specialist and Ayurveda Trainer Ebru Şinik at Gedik University and received the title of "WELLBEING COACH". Married and a mother of one son, Prof. Dr. Özge Çelik, with the awareness of the importance of vital choices in her active academic life and motherhood journey, has guided her efforts to be a part of change and transformation in personal and corporate life. By blending scientific and ancient knowledge, it adopts the theme of "Life Transformation Counseling" and shares her academic knowledge and experience with people who want to improve and protect their physical, mental and spiritual health with the brand of MOLECULAR WELLBEING.
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