Molecular Wellbeing Consultancy

Humans have approximately 99% of the same DNA structure. The remaining 1% has the ability to identify differences in the color of our eyes, skin, and hair, and the way we metabolize nutrients, lose weight, gain fat, run faster, and sensitive to certain diseases. Our diet is the only environmental factor that we can fully control throughout our lives, from birth to death. Nutrition itself is only part of a healthy lifestyle, but it is not at its core. The habits we adopt around our eating behavior are directly related to our education, the society we grow up in, our loved ones and dislikes, and of course our economy. Such an approach goes far beyond a simple diet or a menu suggestion. Ensuring our physical, mental and spiritual health can only happen when the social environment we live in, our work life that takes up most of our time, our financial situation and the components that shape our social life are in balance and harmonious. We define this vital balance as Wellbeing. In short, it is defined as "the state of being healthy, happy and well-being from a holistic perspective.


  • Taking the anamnesis of the client
  • Obtaining the client's current health data
  • Determination of personal diet and habits
  • Identification of individual genetic testing panels
  • Determination of Ayurvedic Dosha and Prakruti
  • Recommendations for individual needs
  • Determination of individual microbiota analysis type
  • Individual daily nutritional recommendations
  • Preparation of an individual "Molecular Wellbeing Guide”

** The Molecular Wellbeing Guide is prepared by our consultant physicians and experts.
***Our consultancy meetings are held online.
  • Sleep Pattern and Sleep Quality

  • Meditation

  • Movement-Exercise

  • Emotional Balance and WellBeing

  • Nutrition


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