Why Should I Get Counseling?

1. I have an excessive appetite.
2. I just can't lose weight.
3. I want to know my food tolerances.
4. I have an emotional hunger problem.
5. I have an allergic body.
6. I want to know my obesity risk.
7. I have cardiovascular diseases in my family. Am I at risk too?
8. I want to age healthy.
9. I am constantly depressed.
10. What sports should I do?
11. I have constant nausea and headache after eating.
12. I have sleep problems.
13. I get angry all of a sudden.
14. I have trouble controlling my anger.
15. I feel weak in my potential to learn and comprehend.
16. I have a motivational surge.
17. I have constant gas problem in my intestines.
18. I want to strengthen my immune system against viral infections.
19. I have no health problems. I choose a life in which I make the right choices according to my own genetic characteristics.


  • 1. Let's determine the most suitable consultancy package for you, face to face or online.
  • 2. When you pay for the consultation package, we ship you a tube and swab for intraoral swab testing.
  • 3. Sample collection will be organized from your address regarding the appropriate microbiome analysis for you and will be sent to our laboratory for analysis in the cold chain.
  • 4. Your LIFE TRANSFORMATION GUIDE, prepared according to your analysis results, will be explained to you in detail and in practice, face-to-face/online within 30 days after the samples are taken.

** The reports of our Molecular Wellbeing and Ayurvedic Consulting packages will be planned as 4 separate interviews and we will be accompanying your life transformation in a practical way.
***In all of our Consultancy packages, we will be on our way by planning together during the 2-month follow-up period.

We accompany you to transform your life with the right choices with our special genetic test panels.


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